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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Dreaming Mind

After thinking about it deeply, I’ve concluded that the body and soul have two parts that represents each. The body has consciousness. The body cares about getting the brain to think about important issues such as ‘what’s for lunch’ and ‘can I have sex’? The body drives our consciousness to examine the environment, make plans to satisfy our needs and execute them.

The soul has something less easy to get our hands on. Our souls speak to us by dreams, myths and music. When our consciousness is quite, we can sense the soul. So the soul is represented by the Dreaming Mind. The Dreaming Mind is what listens to our consciousness endless talking and observes our world as a person behind the eyes.

Here is the Really Big Thing, consciousness dies but the Dreaming Mind only closes a window. The Dreaming Mind is something that was here before the consciousness formed. There is a beautiful poem that refers to us as children when we were at one with God and brothers to birds and bees. I think our soul's Dreaming Mind is just like that child, at one with God and nature.

So we fear the death of consciousness. We are scared of loosing our loved ones, our money or our status. We work so hard for the body, we hate to see it go. If I can change my perspective to the Dreaming Mind, I see that all of these things are only temporary. The Dreaming mind enjoys life in the moment for eternity. It doesn’t care about bodily needs because it is only shell to view the world.

I don’t know about the nature of the Dreaming Mind. Does it reincarnate? Is it bound to our body or just hitching a ride? I'll have to think about it some more.


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